Celebrate Your Marvelous Mum this Mother’s Day with SWISH!

Celebrate Your Marvelous Mum this Mother’s Day with SWISH!

I love Mother’s Day. I think it’s so important to celebrate our Mums all year round – but, for at least one day a year, there’s no excuse for us to avoid pampering them.

Mother’s Day arrives when the winter starts melting away, meaning it’s a fabulous opportunity to take Mum out on picnics, weekends away, and nights on the town.

Our Mums all have different hobbies, tastes, and favourite destinations – but regardless of what they love, it’s always worth showing them we appreciate them. Here are a few ideas on how to spend the day with her this year.

An afternoon tea with a difference

When you think of an afternoon tea, you probably think of quaint tablecloths, scones with butter and jam, and warm, full teapots. There’s something so classical and nice about English tea parties – and you could host your own for Mum this year with a little twist.

Prepare for Mum’s arrival with a nice tablecloth and a platter of traditional teatime treats – again, scones are classics that are hard to beat – and, of course, prepare a teapot or two for the afternoon. Spring’s well on its way, meaning you might enjoy sitting outside if the day is clear!


If neither you or Mum are big tea drinkers, however, add a little fizz to the occasion with a classic cocktail – after all, it’s an extra special.

With SWISH, you don’t have to worry about gathering the ingredients for a classic mojito just to impress Mum. Our popular Key Lime Mojito Fizz, also available as a non-alcoholic treat, is blended perfectly to capture the classic, refreshing taste.

Simply chill in the refrigerator, or prepare an ice bucket if you’re serving Mum at tea outside in the sunshine, and pour into your favourite glassware. Why not pair this citrusy classic with some key lime pie of your own?

Bring a night out home

If you and your Mum love visiting lavish cocktail lounges and enjoying the nightlife wherever you travel, why not make Mother’s Day a little different this year – and create a cocktail and buffet experience all of your own at home?

Create your own custom cocktail box with SWISH and arrange a mini tasting session with your Mum, friends, and family. You could put on a spread of canapes and nibbles, and serve refreshing ​​Piña Colada Spritz as guests arrive.


If your Mum enjoys playing host – but wouldn’t mind the occasional night off – make Mother’s Day that occasion. Give Mum a chance to mingle and entertain while you prepare a delicious buffet and chilled SWISH drinks for all to enjoy.

Here’s a top tip – if you have siblings, don’t forget to share the workload! While you serve the drinks, get some help in the kitchen and with setting the table. Many hands, as they say, certainly make light work.

Celebrate other Mums in your life

Mother’s Day isn’t just about your own Mum – what about the mother of your own children? Your kids might be old enough to make lovely cards and gifts for their Mum for the occasion – but are you celebrating her alongside?

Being a Mum is one of the most demanding and important jobs in the world. It’s a full-time commitment! But, it’s one that’s filled with love and joy – and occasionally, it’s lovely to feel recognized for all the time Mums give to their children and loved ones.

So, once the little ones are settled, why not surprise your partner with their favourite tipple? You could make it a lovely surprise or schedule time with them at the end of a long day. After all, a Mum’s schedule is always full to the brim!


Treat her to a Smoked Pineapple Margarita Fizz from SWISH’s signature collection. The fact there is zero need for ingredients or mixing means you can both chill, pour, and enjoy the evening ahead. 

There’s still time to plan for Mother’s Day

Where is 2024 going? We’re already sprinting towards spring, and of course, that means Mother’s Day is well on its way. However, remember that it’s Sunday, March 10th – it’s sometimes easy to get confused with American Mother’s Day, which falls in May!

In any case, you still have plenty of time to create a luxury cocktail package for the perfect Mother’s Day celebration. Be sure to shop the full SWISH range at your convenience – with zero alcohol options also available if your Mum prefers to take things a little lighter. Enjoy!

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