Christmas Cocktails: What will you be drinking on Christmas Day?

Christmas Cocktails: What will you be drinking on Christmas Day?

The festive season is already in full swing, and if you’re anything like me, you’re already deep into enjoying some glitzy get-togethers with friends and loved ones. After all, we all deserve to bring 2023 to a close in spectacular fashion!


For me, a big part of Christmas is enjoying a special tipple or two while kicking back and enjoying the sparkly glow of it all.

However, amid the glitter and mistletoe, there's more than a bit of planning left to be done. 

What gifts are you giving? Which events are you attending? And, what will everyone eat and drink on the big day? 

If you’re doing any hosting this season, you know it pays to be organised! The least we can do is help with the drinks menu. Here’s my quick guide to Christmas Day with SWISH.

Start the day with a Breakfast Fizz

The presents are still perfectly wrapped and under the tree, the stockings are full, and the old Christmas favourites are playing softly in the background – time for a tipple, perhaps?

It’s Christmas. If you want to start the day with presents and a little sparkle in your glass, I don't blame you.

Christmas morning is all about surprises – so give your tastebuds a tingle with our Breakfast Fizz.

Our signature drink is a British classic, and it’s just the ticket for toasting the season. Its tangy orange vodka and juicy pink grapefruit pairs wonderfully with any special breakfast you have in mind for the morning.

Whether you get fizzy before or after you tear into your gifts is entirely up to you – but the morning's much more memorable with a SWISH either way.

Check out our alcoholic Breakfast Fizz here, or the non-alcoholic version here 



Breakfast Fizz Cocktails


A bit of mid-afternoon sparkle

For all Christmas Day is full of love and excitement, it’s also pretty hectic, especially if your household is anything like mine, where you’re busy preparing for your guests across the afternoon and evening.

Plenty of you out there probably have a go-to drink you like to sample while getting things ready, preparing food, and enjoying some festive tunes. I love having a pina colada or a passion fruit martini ready to go as a delicious festive pick-me-up.

Your wish is SWISH’s command in both cases, with our sensational Naughty Pina Colada and bubbly Passion Martini spritzes ready to serve – full-alcohol or totally alcohol-free.

Whether you prefer a traditional Christmas dinner with all the trimmings or something a little different, you can make your meal memorable by pairing each course with a luxurious cocktail or mocktail. Personally, I’ll be accompanying my smoked salmon starter this year with our Smoked Pineapple Margarita. Check this product here



Get ready for games

Many of you will likely want to spend Christmas Day relaxing and enjoying a movie or two. Then again, there’s plenty of us out there who love getting into the spirit of some friendly competition. There’s really no better time of year to be both an incredible host and a party games champion in your own right.

If you live for the fast-paced action of charades or enjoy a friendly skirmish over Monopoly, give yourself an extra treat while you celebrate or commiserate. Our martini offers a fresh, bubbly kick – which might be just what you need after a filling meal!

By Christmas evening, it’s time to settle in with some great company – and SWISH cocktails served chilled save you even more festive prep time.



If a late dessert is on your mind, however, our pina colada might just be your perfect match. Or, if you desire something light and refreshing after a big lunch, then our Key Lime Pie Mojito fizz might be closer to what you're craving. 

Last-minute shopping, taken care of

There are only so many shopping days left before Christmas now, but don’t panic just yet.

SWISH will deliver delicious cocktails to your door long before Santa sets out. Now's the time to start filling those stockings, or at least the fridge!

SWISH has put together the perfect Christmas Day box for cocktail lovers. Our Signature Collection gift box serves 12 alcoholic classics from our range, including all of the fabulous tipples I’ve mentioned in this post. 

Whether buying for a loved one or storing for the big day, you'll be pleased to have SWISH on-side as the festivities get into full swing.

Take a closer look at our Signature Collection Gift Box and order while there’s still chocolates left in your advent calendar. 


And, if I don’t speak to you all again before Christmas, have an absolutely wonderful festive break – no matter how you’re celebrating!


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