Great Gift Ideas for the Cocktail Fan in Your Life

Great Gift Ideas for the Cocktail Fan in Your Life

We all have that special somebody who loves spending time and money on experiences rather than flashy items and gifts for themselves. You do you! 


But, knowing what to buy for the cocktail lover in your life isn’t easy – especially if they’re not particularly materialistic. 

It’s just one reason why SWISH has put together some fabulous gift box options so that your loved ones can enjoy classic drinks without any of the mixing.

If a cocktail lover in your life has a birthday approaching and you’re feeling stuck on what to give them this year, here are a few ideas that might just pique their interest.

Recipe books and guides

Sure – there are plenty of cocktail makers and mixologists on Instagram and TikTok these days, but I still think there's lots to be said for good old-fashioned recipe books.


After all, the best mixologists the world over didn’t learn from YouTube shorts. They had libraries of recipe books and notepads at their disposal!

Therefore, why not treat a cocktail lover to their own mixology recipe book? Try looking for something a little on the unique side, or with room for notes – so they can add their own twists to classic blends.

You never know – giving someone the gift of a recipe book might ignite their interest in becoming a professional mixologist. Be the inspiration!

Cocktail ingredients

As most of us know, a good cocktail is only so tasty when it’s prepared with the best ingredients. At SWISH, we believe that fresh is best – but, naturally, there will be a few garnishes and flavourings worth purchasing for the pantry.

Consider buying your cocktail fan a set of dried garnishes or a flavouring gift set to help kickstart their creativity at home! The best part of giving ingredient kits as gifts is that many will stay fresh and usable for months to come. 


Try and get a sense of your recipient’s favourite flavours and tastes. Do they prefer fresh, minty drinks? Or, do they opt for fruity, tangy cocktails?

Putting thought into these gifts is the best way to help people feel extra special – and who doesn’t like feeling extra special!

Create a cocktail gift set

For all your cocktail fan might enjoy mixing their own drinks and getting creative, they’re probably also keen on a little convenience every now and then. Who could blame them?

With SWISH cocktail gift boxes, you can create a special set of pre-made drinks they simply have to chill and pour to enjoy.


For example, you could include our delicious Naughty Passion Martini Spritz, or for an extra minty kick, our Key Lime Pie Mojito Fizz – or why not a mix of both? 

If your loved one prefers to avoid alcohol wherever possible, you might also want to include a few zero alcohol twists on our signature range, too – such as our 0% Smoked Pineapple Margarita Fizz. It’s a smoky twist on one of the world’s best-loved cocktail recipes – and it’s bursting with just as much flavour as our mainline range.

If you’d prefer to purchase a ready-made selection of SWISH cocktails, our light signature collection is available as a box of 12 150ml cans – ready for your birthday celebrator to pop in the cooler and serve as they wish.

We highly recommend the ready-made selection as it offers you the best of our delectable range – a superb introduction to luxury in a glass, ready when you are.

It’s the thought that counts

If you know your friends and family well, you’ll likely have a great idea of what they’d love from a cocktail gift or two. They might not be mixologists themselves, but with a few helpful ingredients or even a range of pre-made drinks in a special case, they’ll be sure to have a birthday to remember.

You can always purchase SWISH pre-made drinks separately as well as in our gift boxes all year round. Therefore, you could even purchase ahead of time for anniversaries and the festive season.

Regardless, we want to make sure cocktail lovers everywhere have the chance to enjoy the classic flavour they love with none of the mixing. Our team does all of that for you – and we genuinely enjoy the process!

Think carefully about what your loved ones are looking for from birthday gifts this year – after all, it’s the thought that counts! Go the extra mile and give them a drinkable gift they’ll remember for years to come.

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