Shake, stir, soirée: How to host a cocktail party the SWISH way

Shake, stir, soirée: How to host a cocktail party the SWISH way

Entertaining season is upon us so the SWISH experts are dishing out their no-stress tips to make sure your upcoming cocktail party is a stellar success. Whether you want it to be a low-key gathering or a lavish celebration, we’ve thought of everything down to the finest of details. Consider yourself the hostess with the mostess!

Tip 1: Consider your barware

Let’s start off with the basics. To really elevate the look of your event and to provide your guests with the full cocktail-lounge experience, opt for elegant glassware and stylish coasters. Offer different glasses for each cocktail on the menu. From highball to coupe, each style plays a vital role in bringing out the complexities of flavours and aromas. Need a helping hand? World-famous mixologist Rich Woods reveals the best glass type for your chosen SWISH cocktail on our Instagram @swishcocktails. Finally, don’t forget to polish your glasses before your guests arrive to make sure they’re crystal clear and smudge-free.


Tip 2: Sip on SWISH

Moving on to the star of the show, your cocktail offering is the most important element – the clue is in the name after all. As the host, the last thing you want is to be playing bartender all night and the very last thing you want is for your guests to go thirsty. The solution? SWISH’s ready-to-drink, pre-mixed cocktails. Take the stress out of the planning and prepping with our bar-quality beverages. We recommend offering two or three different cocktails as well as one mocktail for the non-drinkers. Be sure to appease all palettes with a mix of sweet, sour and bitter notes. Peruse our selection here, discover their key ingredients and curate a drinks menu for your event. We even offer multi-pack cases to cater for those larger guest-lists. 


Tip 3: Upgrade with garnishes

Incorporating customisation options is a great way to add a unique twist to your celebration. Self-serve garnish bar anyone? Yes, please! Not only does it make for a stylish display, a DIY station will allow your guests to make their beverages bespoke. Offer an assortment of fresh fruits and herbs, and don’t be afraid to get creative with other options such as spices and edible flowers for crowd-pleasing cocktails that are easy on the eye and taste buds. Be sure to stock up on ice cubes, too. Go the extra mile with shaped ice or cut down on waste (and freezer space) with reusable cubes.


 Tip 4: Plan your playlist

Music is an easy way to enhance the atmosphere and add to the overall experience of your gathering. Curate a playlist to suit the occasion, your guests and even your cocktails. Jazzy yet laid-back tunes always hit the spot and vintage downtempo sounds make for the perfect background music. If you’re tight on time, Spotify offers playlists tailored to specific event types. Don’t forget to consider the volume, too. A cocktail party is traditionally a sophisticated event made for socialising. With that in mind, make sure your tunes don’t overwhelm and take over. Keep the volume at a suitable level to allow for conversation (and drinks) to flow and leave the high-energy hits for later on in the night.

Tip 5: Serve up complementary nibbles

Cocktails and food are a match made in heaven so it’s worth considering pairings when deciding on your snacks. Being mindful of tastes and dietary restrictions, opt for small plates or canapés that will complement your cocktails. For example, pair our Pina Colada Spitz with spicy or BBQ flavours. To ensure you don’t run the risk of your cocktail party turning into a dinner party, remember to keep it simple. Your appetisers need to be small and shouldn’t require the need for cutlery. Your guests will likely be standing with a drink in hand so anything easy to grab and consumed in one bite or two is a winner. 

Now you’ve got a plan sorted, it’s time to start prepping your special occasion with SWISH. Have you spotted us at a recent event? Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram. Chin chin!

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