What does your favourite cocktail say about you?

What does your favourite cocktail say about you?

If you're anything like me, you probably have a signature drink. Something that not only tingles your taste buds but also speaks to your style, personality, and sense of adventure. 

Something you’re always happy to order – and are keen to try new twists on now and again!

Believe it or not, your favourite cocktail actually says a lot about you. For example, I’m a Cosmopolitan – independent, adventurous, and unafraid to seek out the finer things in life.

The wonderful thing about the creative world of cocktails is that there truly is a signature recipe out there for everyone – and SWISH brings a luxury twist to some classic favourites you can enjoy anytime.

Let’s look at a few classic cocktails and see what they really say about you.

Pina Colada

You don’t have to like getting caught in the rain to enjoy a pina colada – but even if the weather does turn sour, you’re always on hand to raise people’s spirits.

You’re a fabulous friend to have around. The phrase “life and soul of the party” is used a lot nowadays, but as a pina colada connoisseur, there’s really no better label! You’re fun and flirty, and in your world, life’s too short for boring drinks.

You'll likely get on famously, too, with my sparkling twist on the Caribbean classic.



Margaritas are pretty unique as far as cocktails go – and the same goes for those who drink them.

Margarita lovers are always comfortable leading the way. Like their chosen cocktails, they're avant-garde and stand apart – they're trend-setters and thrill-seekers. They know when they're onto a good thing and will hunt for true luxury for as long as it takes.

As a margarita fan, you’re never afraid to flaunt a new look or idea before anyone else. And, let’s face it – you look iconic doing it.

My smoked pineapple margarita fizz will likely scratch your trendsetting itch – you've never tasted your signature cocktail like this before.



Who doesn’t love a mojito? The minty classic whisks you away on a soft, white cloud – you’re on an exclusive yacht, sailing crystal clear waters, gazing up at perfect blue skies.

And, your favourite drink matches you perfectly. You're easygoing and aren't afraid to sample life one delicious drink at a time.

Mojito lovers are classy and inspiring and hate being tied down. Your drink has less of the "party" vibe of, say, a pina colada, but you're far from boring.

In fact, you’re usually the person with the best stories and the most exciting recommendations. Some of my favourite travel partners are mojito lovers – they take time to see the world around them and appreciate it for what it is.

My key lime pie mojito fizz is light yet indulgent – it’s a completely new way to enjoy your favourite drink, and I know you’ll love it.


Pornstar Martini

Popular and versatile, you’re just like your favourite cocktail. Like the perfect shade of red lipstick, you’re bold, turn heads, and fit in well no matter where you go.

You’re the type of friend who speaks their mind and wears their heart on their sleeve – you’re always ready to pick people up when times get tough.

Why not celebrate your raw confidence and try an elevated new take on your favourite drink? My Naughty Passion Martini Spritz is pure glitz and glamour, ready to go whenever you are.

Don’t have a favourite cocktail?

It took me years to find a cocktail I could confidently call my favourite. But, I had a fabulous time exploring the wild and wonderful world of mixology to get there.

So, let me offer you a little help – SWISH cocktails present luxurious twists on classic favourites you can explore in your own time.

They're daring, delicious, and ready-made – the latter means you've more time to enjoy the company of other cocktail lovers in your life.

And, who knows – you might just find something new that really speaks to you. Shop the full SWISH range and find out!


Visit swishcocktails.com to view our full range of exquisite sparkling cocktails. Alcoholic and alcohol free cocktails available.

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